Director's Message


CEO & Founder


For a long time, we were yearning to bring the same excellence, commitment and understanding of the need for aspirants to the field of law, which has been the hallmark of Dhyeya IAS. Dhyeya Law is the result of long painstaking analysis and understanding of the needs of the aspirants of the Law Stream. Dhyeya Law will strive to meet their diverse requirements. Along with classroom program for Judicial Service Examination it will also cover CLAT, various other entrance exams, HJS and other law related examinations. Dhyeya IAS has not only helped the aspirants to meet their dreams but also inculcated values required for ideal executives to administer our country. Dhyeya Law will espouse the same cause in the field of Judicial Services. It has especially designed a two year program for those aspirants who are still studying law. Strong analytical ability, academic excellence and capability to understand various facets of both the fact and law are some of the requirements of Judicial Officer and Dhyeya Law will provide environment for that.

Dhyeya Law will come up with a gamut of pedagogical tools which will not only enrich the learning experience but will meet the wide varied need. Law Journal, customized to meet the needs of young aspirants, a web portal which will redefine on line learning, video channel and All India Test Series are going to be only some of the features, which will unfold in coming days.

For us all aspirants with us are partners in journey, sharing the aspirants, travails and joy, holding our hands together. Their goal is our goal. Dhyeya Law, imbued with this philosophy will be a facilitator in the journey of all the law students.

Managing Director


Our faith in quality and our ability to deliver it in sustained manner has been our Mantra and the same philosophy is a running thread with Dhyeya Law, empathy with the aspirants, listening to and understanding their needs, our responsiveness and reliability has been made Dhyeya law carries this spirit in the field of Judicial Services Examination. The need for law stream is way different from Civil Services Examination in myriad ways. Dhyeya Law has identified those needs in trying to answer specific requirements of aspirants of Judicial Services Examination.

Innovation is trying to figure out a way to do something better than it’s ever been done before and that is the spirit which drives Dhyeya Law, being ‘better than the best’. The world is changing. New challenges appear on the horizon every day and the challenge is to foresee the change and be ready to respond to them. Dhyeya law believes in not being one amongst many but being the leader with innovative approach, with commitment and devotion and creating a culture which shares the dream and try together to bring that dream to reality.

Director Of Academics


We encourage and nurture every aspiring student in our institution with care and concern, expecting them to emanate those values into the world by serving to the society at large. Though the road ahead is a long and tedious but I am sure with the collective efforts of our students, faculty, staff we will be able to conquer heights.

We at Dhyeya Law make it easy for you to grasp the complex concepts easily proving an edge to excel in the examinations. Giving wings to your aspirations is what I endeavor to do at our institute. Our joint effort can create waves of ripple in the field of competitive examinations with our result. Clearing an examination is not tough with the right guidance and preparation.

In the process of aiding students to clear examinations, we thrive at the opportunity to actually teach them something meaningful. And thereby hold enviable position in the legal education fraternity by scaling Dhyeya Law to the pedestal of a Judicial Academy of National repute.

"A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."

Colin Powell