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Law is a prodigious career option to choose after completing school or graduation. It is an honoured profession which places the lawyers and judges as pillars of society who undertake justice delivery into their hands.

Law as a career also serves on the platter the prestigious opportunity of becoming a judicial officer in various state services across India. Judges are in charge of a nation’s judicial system, it is their duty to protect and uphold the spirit of the Constitution. They ensure that the laws of the land are upheld and order in the society is maintained.

Lawyers are the most qualified group of people to stand for legal justice. It is possible because of the experience they have gained in the daily application and interpretation of laws. The legal drafting is the most challenging part, and lawyers are best suited to provide guidance in this area.

Legal profession is a growing market in India, Universities like National Law University, Delhi University produces competent lawyers every year. Law has opened many doors for young lawyers, reputed senior lawyers, big law firms offer good internship opportunities which trains them for future.

Choosing law as a career option not only limits opportunities to litigation but it extends to the corporate corridors as well. The world of corporate law gleams with international opportunities providing the lawyers with a platform to excel globally. Corporate law firms also offer pre placement offers kick starting their career with a decent paying job. Law is a very versatile career option, it not only gives the budding lawyer option to be corporate lawyers or be restricted to the court rooms .

Law as a profession gives a wide variety of career choices like becoming law lecturers and professors in educational institutions, law officers in prestigious government organizations, banking sector, PSU’s. Also, the opportunity of being employed with the defence forces as Judge advocate General (JAG) also knocks at the door. Law and media also presents an opportunity to work as a Legal Correspondent with various media houses and newspapers.

The legal profession has seen change over the period of years, it has now become highly esteemed profession. Regardless of the position you take on, choosing law as a career option is a profitable choice in either direction.